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MUST READ: You don’t have the right to protest – Policemen say as they assault young Nigerians protesting against increased electricity tariff (videos)

These police have not seen massive protest that they (police) will have no option than to support it I swear, I hate Nigerian youth! I could remember when I was schooling in Ghana as a foreign students in 2001 thereabout, and their govt. increased the tertiary school fees. Then, students union of each tertiary institutions announced that there would be protest on a certain date. Hmmmmmm! That was the day I knew Ghanaians are united. When we started the protest, both foreigners and indigenes and we heard that police are coming, in fact, some of my Nigerian mates then, had wanted to run away but those Ghanaians students stood their ground in the face of serious gun threat, and we were able to march to the govt house at OSU RE to deliver our protest letter. And with immediate effect, their govt. then stopped the increments and further slashed our school fees where part of what we had already paid was returned back to us. Nigerian students can never be united becos of tribalism, ethnicity, religious reasons, political affiliations and otherwise. I heart bleeds for the this country. There is no how organized a protest is, Nigerian govt. would find one way or the other to disorganize it but one thing I knew is that there days are numbered.

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Posted by on September 16, 2020.

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